Have you ever felt general sightseeing information on the Internet is too much
or a little bit complicated to cover all ? FEEL TOKYO is a quite simple website
enabling you to catch the essence of whole Tokyo just by looking over.

a wish that people feel Tokyo with all five senses.
I wish you could feel the attraction of Tokyo through any single article!


About FEEL TOKYO owner

Start to learn Koto from mother at 4 years old. Join recital of Seigensha Koto association and play Shamisen at TV show for Doll Festival program at 6 yearsold.
Move to Tokyo and take international relations major at university. Learn English at summer program of Mount Cent University in NY.
Become kimono model at Hakubi Kimono School. At closing ceremony of Japan-Korea World cup in 2002, assist to give medal and flower to football players dressing with special ordered Kimono.
Get a Koto teaching license in 2003. At Aichi World Exposition in 2005, do volunteer work to play Koto for exposition staffs as NPO project.
Work at Japanese company as overseas sales from 2003, and go business trip for America, Europe and Southeast Asia etc.
In 2015, start sightseeing information website FEEL TOKYO.

City: Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Sedna (USA), Granada (Spain), Bangkok, Phuket
Place: Parks, Shrines, Hot spring of Hakone, Tokyo Disney resort
Hobby: Travel, Photograph, Going to cafe