New Era for Japan – “令和”(Reiwa-beautiful harmony)


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Japan is about to make a new history with enthornment of new emperor after almost 200 years.In Japan, there are two methods to count year, A.D.(2019) and another one is called “元号 (gengo)”, an Imeperial era name which is consist of 2 kanji Japanese charcter reperesenting that era.


The current gengo which has been used over 30 years is “平成(Heisei)” ,which has  meaning of achievement of peace in terms of earth, domestic and globally.


New Imperial era, gengo has been announced by Japanese goverment as “Reiwa(令和)” on 1st April. As parent name own child with deep love and wishness for future, this Reiwa was named to express what Japanese want to be from now on. New gengo will last and be used in Japanese daily life until another change of emperor.


The meaning of Reiwa(令和)


Translation in English is ” beautiful harmony”


” Culture is born and grow among people beautifully take care each other “


“Like pulm flower is bloomed in Spring over strict coldness of winter, wish Japanese can have hope for tomorrow.”


“Wish one can bloom with own original flower like Japanese reperesenting song ‘ Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana (Only flower in the world) ‘ by SMAP.”


On 1st April, new gengo was announced by Suga Chief Cabinet Secretary and prime minister Abe followed to talk about its meaning.

Abe’s speach reminds me beautiful seasonable scenery in Japan will last over generations.Reiwa sounds gentle and full of bright future for me.


Reiwa was inspired by a passage written by poet Otomo no Tabito in ” Manyoshu”, the oldest Japanese poem collection in 7 to 8 century. I studied its poem when I was junior and high school student.After Reiwa is decided I rent picture book of Manyosyu .It is likely to penetrate to read Manyoshu among Japanese for a while.




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Cherry blossom 2019 – Photo by Kazeo






























Place: Nakameguro (Meguro River)


Photographer Kazeo