Eat delicious ell at the Midsummer Day of the Ox


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.
In Japan, there is the special day to eat ell at the Midsummer Day called “Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi”.


What is Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi?


“Japanese customarily eat eel to regain energy and stamina and to alleviate suffering from the summer heat on the day
known as the Midsummer Day of the Ox, Doyo-no-ushi-no-hi, which traditionally falls around the end of July on the ancient Japanese calendar.

The basic idea of doyo comes from Onmyo Gogyo which links together the theory of ying and yang
with the principle that everything can be divided into five elements: wood, fire, earth, gold and water.
Spring is classified as wood, summer is fire, autumn is gold, winter is water and those times between seasons are classified as earth.
The Day of the Ox is a calendar day of the Chinese zodiac, jyuni-shi.









Those specific summer days, doyo, last for a couple of weeks before the first day of summer.
The Midsummer Day of the Ox occurs around July 20, and this year’s designated day is July 25.




I have been to Unagi dokoro Oba (うなぎ処 おお葉),

the famous ell specialty restaurant located in Kanda.

1 minute from JR Kanda station.


Traditional restaurant.



Marinated eel with special sauce over a box of rice has come.

Ell is expensive, it was JPY3,000, but worthy of it.


I have regained energy !


Does your country have a method to regain stamina to

alleviate suffering from the summer heat ?



Have a nice day.

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