Setsubun -“Devils out, happiness in!”


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.

Today is the start of spring called “立春(Risshun) according to the Japanese luna calendar.



Yesterday, one day before this day, was ‘Setsubun’ festival day.



We throw the beans shouting “Devils out, happiness in!” to who is Devil role.

Afterwards we eat as many beans as our age.



On this Setsubun day, we also eat Ehomaki, sushi roll.



When eating Ehomaki, look in the year’s good luck direction

(it is changed every year, north-northwest this year)

and eat quietly while making a wish.

Ehomaki should not be cut because

this represents not cutting any good bonds in the future.



It’s one of unique Japanese custom.

It is hard work to collect scattered beans though…



Have a nice day.

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