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Ninja Akasaka

NINJYA costume waiter   Original Japanese food

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Ninjya Akasaka is Ninja-themed restaurant and inside is like a Ninja village.Ninjya waiter appear from behind a wall to take you down into the restaurant through dark passages. The menu is a scroll and food based on original Japanese style is fun such as very long deep-frying burdock and throwing‐knife-shaped cracker etc. A few Ninja magic was demonstrated at the seat.It’s little bit costly, but 40% are overseas visitor (according to their homepage).

■ Location:Akasaka
■ Dinner ave.10,000 ~15,000JPY
■ You might want to make a reservation through on-line or phone, hopefully one month in advance

Official website


LIME- Aquarium Dining

10,000 tropical fishes  Crisply fried shrimp and Japanese scallop
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Surrounded by tropical fishes, you can feel as if you are in the ocean at LIME, the oasis in Tokyo.LIME serves Japanese Ethnic cuisine with the concept of Bali island.By adopting the mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Western style, they offer original ethnic and the menu is contrived so that even the person who doesn’t like a herb like coriander much can enjoy.

■Location: Shinjuku
■Dinner ave. 4,000~5,000JPY

Official website

Penguin Bar

Adorable penguins  

 Source hotpepper.jp  Source tabelog.com

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Adorable penguins will welcome you at Penguins’ bar. They offer wild collection of alcohol drink and bartender is willing to select an original cocktail for you. Recoomendation is “Penguin course” serving 5 foods including fresh salad, soup, deep-fried foods, pasta and dessert with all you can drink system for 2 hours, 4,000JPY (excluding tax).If you are luckey, you can experience to feed penguins with fishes.

■ Location: Ikebukuro
■ Dinner ave.4,000~5,000JPY

Official website


Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant

The world of Alice   Box seat of the green grass

Source:hotpepper.jp Source: gnavi.co.jp

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Fantasy cafe restaurant makes you feel magical time.Giant illustrated book will welcome you at the entrance. You will feel as if you jump into the world of fairy tale Alice’s Wonderland.The menu of food is imagined the world of Alice. Their unique dish based on casual French & Italian  use the individual character like “white rabbit” and “Cheshire cat”  “cards soldier”which appear in a tale as the motif. Course menu from 2,500JPY(excluding tax).

■Location: Shinjuku HALK B3F etc.
■Lunch ave. 1,000~2,000JPY,Dinner ave. 3,000~4,000JPY

Official website

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