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Weekday vegitable soup lunch  Ain Soph. Shinjuku restaurant


AIN SOPH is restaurant for vegetarian and vegan.’AIN SOPH’ means eternity in Hebrew. Restaurant concept is ‘ Return to yourself’.

“We do not use any meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and white sugar for all the meals. We serve handmade dishes using fresh vegetables, beans, grains, and nuts.Western-style original cuisine, such as salad (with popular homemade dressing) Tortillas, pasta, soup, course meal, and several seasonal desserts are available.The finest organic wines from France and Austria are highly recommended.Please enjoy the rich taste.Organic coffee, tea, rose tea, organic soy milk, soy latte, and chai are also recommended.”


‘Heaven vegan pancake (tenjo no pancake)’ is specialty.

■ Location: Shinjuku, Ikebukuro
■ Lunch ave. 1,000~2,000JPY /Dinner ave.3,000~4,000JPY
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CHAYA Macrobiotics

  Shinjuku Isetan

Source : hibiya-chanter,

Café style restaurant serving healthy food like organic brown rice, seasonal vegetables, beans and the seaweed. Meat, egg, dairy products, white sugar and chemical seasoning stuff aren’t used at all for ingredient, and CHAYA pursues “ tasty” “looks fun” and “healthy” at the same time to enable diner to be satisfied from the inside.

Menu is,
Tofu is used instead of egg for Omelet
Millet or brown rice cake are used instead of meat sauce and cheese for creamy lasagna,
Brown rice and millet, vegetables, pate with seaweed and special sauce are used instead of meat for juicy hamburger etc.

For seasoning, soybean mayonnaise which isn’t made of egg and an additive, and ketchup without white sugar and additives are used.

■  Location
Shinjuku (Isetan), Hibiya (Chanter), Shiodome (Royal Park Hotel)

■ Lunch/Dinner ave. 1,000~2,000JPY


Rainbow Raw Food

     Hawaiian cafe


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Authentic raw food cafe with Hawaiian atmosphere.

“Raw food refers to uncooked foods. It is a diet of eating uncooked natural ingredients (vegetables and fruits), so you can take into the body living vitamins, minerals, and dietary enzymes. When natural ingredients are heated to over 46 to 48℃, many dietary enzymes are destroyed, therefore it is important to cook foods raw or under 48℃. Ingesting living enzymes, improves metabolism, detoxification, and digestion, which produces the effect of maintaining health and slimming the body.”


■ Location: Ebisu
■ Lunch ave. 1,000~2,000JPY/ Dinner ave.2,000~4,000JPY
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The Pantry

Source :

Homemade sandwich and hamburger shop the Pantry is the new concept shop by Japan-originated gourmet burger restaurant “Homework’s”.Only fresh and safe ingredient are selected and the Pantry provides “cozy homemade taste” with the concept “ make daily meal be more healthy and more tasty”. There are many vegetarian menus, and vegan menu is also available.

■ Location: Marunouchi
■ Lunch/Dinner ave. 1,000~2,000JPY

Official website

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