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French at Kagurazaka area


Kagurazaka(神楽坂)called “Petit Paris” is the place to have plenty  authentic French restaurants French people admit its taste and atmosphere. In the early 20th century,this area was renowned for its house of geisha(professional entertainer trained in traditional dancing and music) ,of which several remain today.Old backstreets covered with picturesque cobblestone provides the feel of Japanese tradition. Out of approx.30 French restaurants in Kagurazaka,here is recommendation.

LUGDUNUM Bouchon Lyonnais

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La Matiere


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■Location : Kagurazaka 神楽坂(Tozai Line/Tokyo Metro) or Ushigome Kagurazaka 牛込神楽坂 ( Oedo Line/Toei) 2-3 mins. If you feel difficulty to use subway,more simple access to go Kaguraza area is walk from JR Iidabashi (飯田橋)station 5mins. Iidabashi is about 10 mins from Shinjuku station.



Budoshu Shokudo Sakura



“Budoshu Shokudo Sakura” (the meaning of wine canteen Sakura) is a casual Italian food restaurant located in Roppongi with the concept that everybody can drop by at any time easily, where you can enjoy Italian food and wine in a reasonable price. The wine shop annex to the restaurant has as many as 1,000 kinds of wine from casual wine to Grand Van. You can bring purchased wine at that shop to the restaurant with additional JPY1,000.

Using fresh ingredient sent directly from where they were grown,young aggressive chefs create recipes. They offer homemade pizza baked at the oven inside restaurant, game(deer meet),fresh pasta. A glass of wine is starting at JPY440. They open until 5am in the morning from Tuesday through Saturday.During 11:30~17:30(weekday)/11:30~15:00(weekend,holiday) of “Happy Hour”,you can have a glass of wine starting at only JPY370.

■Location: Roppongi
■Lunch:1,000~2,000JPY,Dinner 4,000~5,000JPY

347 Cafe & Rounge



Only 5 minutes from Sibuya station, and there is Italian terrace cafe by the side of the pool which reminds a water terrace in Southern France.At night, sparkling wine is able to enjoy at the illuminated pool. 347 Cafe & Rounge can give you a comfy moment for the break during shopping in Shibuya.

■Location: Shibuya (cocoti 3F)
■Lunch:1,000~2,000JPY,  Dinner 3,000~4,000JPY

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Ristorante HIRO

Aoyama main store  


Ristorante HiRo is a pioneer of Japanese-style Italian cuisine and serves specialty dishes with joy and fun. They were appeared in Micheline Guide Tokyo/Yokohama/Shonan in 2014.

The first restaurant was open 20 years ago in Aoyama and now there are 4 restaurants in Tokyo and 1 restaurant in Osaka. 5 chefs in 5 different restaurants serve you their unique dishes in 5 characteristic locations. The fresh seasonal produce and the essence of Italian spirit make their dishes more delicious with nice surprise. Lunch time is starting at JPY1800(pasta lunch, for weekday only) and luxury course lunch is starting at JPY4,000. You can select for dinner course from JPY6,000,JPY9,000 or a la carte.

■Location: Aoyama, Tokyo, Ginza.
■Lunch ave:3,000~4,000JPY/Dinner ave:6,000~8,000JPY
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Mori Salvatore Cuomo


Salvatore Cuomo is Italian food restaurant providing the good view of seasonal Mori Japanese Garden located at Roppongihills. You can feel the fresh air at terrace seat. Buffet style lunch includes appetizers,pizza,pasta,bread and dessert with price in 1,500JPY on weekday and 1,800JPY on weekend for 90 min. Let’s try fresh Neapolitan pizza from the oven with wine!

■Locatinos:Roppongi hills
■Lunch ave.: 1,000~2,000JPY,Dinner ave.:3,000~4,000JPY
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