Japanese national food Ramen (Chinese style noodles) is loved in the world. More than 3,700 ramen shops exist in Tokyo.Conclusive factor to determine the taste is “dashi (soup broth)”. Dashi is mainly classified to pork belly and bones base,fishery base and vegetables base.Please give it try Japanese ramen cooked by professional chef with the great passion for the quality.

You might want to know,
1. If you find a machine like the following picture, you are requested to buy a meal ticket in advance.

2. You can usually select a hardness of noodles, “Katame(hard)”, “Futsuu(normal)”,
or “Yawarakame(soft)”. Some shops offer 8 kinds of the hardness.
3. ” Tsukemen(つけ麵)”- Thick taste soup and noodles come separately and dip noodles in soup.
4. “Kaedama(替え玉)” system – You can have another noodles of ramen in remaining soup
with small additional fee.
5. Most important thing for ramen is soup. Some shops are closed of the day as soon as soup is used up.






Source: mutekiya.com, r.gnavi.co.jp

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Mutekiya is one of the most popular ramen shops that there are always lines in Ikebukuro where is closely contested district with more than 200 shops.Their cloudy, rich soup is made in large pot filled with domestically-produced pork and chicken simmered for 16 hours. Only freshly-made soup can give a rich odor-free pork flavor, sweetness, aroma, refined thickness and refreshing taste.They make and use up a batch of fresh soup every day.
After improving noodle many times, the current thick and elastic noodle was developed since 2006. There are 2 kinds of roast pork topping, soft type or roasted type. Ramen JPY750~

Mutekiya(無敵屋) Info.
■Location: Ikebukuro (3min from east exit of Ikekuro station)
■Hours: 10:30~next 4:00 (Close 31,Dec to 3,Jan)
■English menu available
* Once the day soup is used up, shop is closeed for the day.
Official website




The seat with partition 

Source:ichiran.co.jp, r.gnavi.co.jp

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Classic Tonkotsu Ramen Ichiran offers pork-based broth only. To seek for genuine tonkotsu ramen, more than 40 chefs research a bowl of ramen. The unique feature of Ichiran is that seats are separated with partition.

Pork-based broth soup: They divide the process of cooking the soup in two and ged rid of the heave smell of pork-based broth.
Home-made fresh noodles: A superb texture smooth to swallow.
Original red sauce: Red-pepper based sauce mixed with other 30 types of spices,aged and cooked slowly for nights and days gives the special flavor to the soup.

Ichiran (一蘭)Info.
■Location:Roppongi,Ueno,Shibuya,Ikebukuro,Harajuku,Kichihoji etc
Official website



Tokyo Ramen Street

Tokyo Ramen Street  Tsukemen of Rokurinsha

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8 Ramen shops who are representative as Tokyo famous shop gathers at underground of Tokyo station with the concept that “Not be tired of even if visiting for a whole week”.


Rokurinsha(六厘舎): The most popular shop at Tokyo Ramen Street where always line of people is seen. By building new style of pork and fishery broth thick soup and home-made elastic thick noodles combination, they created a sensation of “Tsukemen”(soup and noodles come separately type) world. Tsukemen is JPY950.For morning, plain taste ramen is prepared.

Tokyo Station Ikaruga(斑鳩): Blend mild soup of pork and chiken broth and fishery broth base. Ramen is JPY1,000.

Hirugao (ひるがお): Simple sault taste ramen of “Setagaya” bland which is very popular shop in the area of ramen shop district Loop 7(name of Tokyo road).

Soranoiro NIPPON(ソラノイロ): Awarded as Bib Gourmand of Michelin (good cost performance restaurant) in 2015. Vegetable soba noodles is also available.

Tokyo Ramen Street(東京ラーメンストリート)Info.
■Location:Tokyo station(First Avenue Tokyo)



Ramen Tenjinshita Daiki

The atmosphere of Japanese restaurant   Special Torisoba (chiken noodles)

Source: allabout.co.jp, allabout.co.jp

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It is not too much to say Daiki is a leading force of Ramen in Ueno district. Broadcasted by Japanese TV as No.1 ramen shop in Japan in 2001 and ever saw line of several handreads people (It is not such a big line recently). Popular menu is Torisoba, hand-made noodles with boiled chiken in salty flavor soup (950JPY). Delicate ramen cooked by owner who was trained in the Japanese food field is simple yet rich flavor.

Ramen Tenjinshita Daiki (ラーメン天神下 大喜)Info.
■ Location: Yushima (Near Ueno station)

Official wesbite



Japanese Soba Noodles TSUTA

The atmosphere of Japanese restaurant    Soy-sause based ramen with truffle flavor topping

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Awarded as Bib Gourmand of Michelin (good cost performance restaurant) in 2015 as well as No.1 ramen in Japan of Japanese ramen magazine “Ramen Walker” in 2014. There are plenty kinds of menu based chicken, pork, vegetables and fish. They offer new style ramen with roast pork roasted with harb, bamboo shoots flavored with red wine and special spcies.Soy sauce base soba noodles with high-class ingredient truffle sauce is a distinctive flavor. Recommend soy-sause base or salty base ramen for a beginner.

Japanese Soba Noodles TSUTA (蔦) Info.
■ Location: Sugamo
■ Hours: 11:00~16:00 (Close on Tuesday, Wednesday)
* Shop is closed of the day as soon as ingredient is used up.
* At peak time, you might wait for several hours.Visiting around 14:00~15:00 is recommended




3561054    Torinoana

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Torinoana is white broth ramen in Ikebukuro.
Their cloudy soup of pork parts and several vegetables simmered for 6 hours are thick and creamy. Although ramen is standard menu, “Tsukemen” (noodles and soup come separately) is also recommended. They also offer special menu in alternative months and week’s special lunch. In lunch time, flavored egg come with free of charge.

■Location: Ikebukuro
■Hours: 11:00~15:00,18:00~23:00(weekday), 11:00~22:00 (weekend)
* Shops is closed as soon as soup is used up.
Official website


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