Toxic rainwater found leaked into ocean

26 February 2015

Highly radioactive rainwater that accumulated on the rooftop of the No. 2 reactor building at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was found to have leaked into the Pacific Ocean through the complex’s drainage ditch, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said on Feb. 24. TEPCO discovered the leakage of contaminated water into the ocean no later than in April last year and had been investigating the cause, but did not make the issue public until now. TEPCO said it believes radioactive substances scattered from the nuclear accident had remained on the entrance rooftop and that every time it rained, rainwater mixed with such substances flowed into the ditch via the drainage on the rooftop. “According to test results so far, no major changes in radiation levels have been observed in the ocean outside the bay adjacent to the plant,” TEPCO said. Read more

(Fukushima Minpo News)

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