Recommended Japanese 100JPY shop Item

At Japanese 100 yen shop, you can find wild range of goods from gadget, daily commodity to unique item.Its quality is highly evaluated from overseas.Must check 100 yen shop for your bulk-buying of dirt-cheap souvenior ! Click photos to enlarge.

* Handling commodities and stock are depends on each shop. Please confirm at a shop.
* 108 yen including tax.

‘DAISO’, ‘Can ★Do’ and ‘Seria’ are the top three 100 yen shops.

DAISO  Can Do  Seria



Recommendation in summer


Insect Repellent Ring and Sticker

Lovely Aroma ring accessory repels inspect.Sticker containing lemon eucalyptus repels bothersome inspects and can be stick onto clothes or bag. (18-24pcs/pack) Can be good accompany for your outside activity in summer.




Japanese ceramic



Dishes and teacups.

* Newspaper is prepared near casher. You should pack by yourself.


Japanese gadget

You can buy Japanese gadget such as folding fan, wash-cloth and Mt.Fuji design goods only for 100 yen !

Good for bulk-buy !  Mt.Fuji goods




All stationeries have high function and good quality.Ball-point pen is selectable for ink thickness. Japanese eraser is soft and easy to erase.


Multi-color pen

Multiple function pen which 3-4 colors are into one is  popular.


Stapler with small needle

Stapler can fix tightly even with a small needle.

Funny series eraser

‘Funny eraser’ series are artistic.


Cool calligraphy pen.





Maccha snacks

Powdered green tea snacks


Kitchen goods




Stainless soup removing bad smell of fish and onion etc from hands.







Housekeeping goods


Laundry hanger with clothespin


Bath goods

Fabric towl for women,men

High quality fabric towl. Soft body towl for women, super hard type for men. Korean mitton getting rid of dead skin cells.



Compression bag for travel

One of the most popular 100 yen items among overseas tourist, 100 yen compression bag for travel.





■ Recommended 100JPY Shop Location in Tokyo

Daiso Harajuku (Takeshita street)  Hours :10:00-21:00

CanDo Shinjuku Pepe  Hours: 11:00-22:00

Seria Asakusa (EKIMISE 7F)  Hours: 10:00-20:00

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