Japanese Electronics retail store

Japanese electronics retail stores offer wild variety of high quality products in reasonable price !

Rice cooker

Japanese rice cooker has a function to select the softness of rice. High-range class in about JPY 50,000 seems popular among overseas tourists.Toshiba 「備長炭本丸釜鉄釜」(Binchotan honmaru tetsugama) is not only boiling to the perfect degree of softness, but preventing rice from loosing whiteness during keeping warm.



Electric facials

The type having cleansing and moisturizing are popular. Many chargeble types are available to use in overseas and English manual come with. The best selling electric facials for overseas tourist is Beauty Bar(Japanese facial roller massager beauty bar 24K golden pulse BM-1) made in Japan. A slight electric current flows in human body.Head part processed by pure gold work for electifying and bring good effect on slackness and smile lines of one’s face.

About JPY19,000



Olympus,Nikon,Canon,Sony,Panasonic …. Made in Japan cameras are loved all over the world.

Canon “EOS M”

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera.Lens are changed according to a shooting target.


Instant camera “CHEKI”

Lovely shape and body color. Picture being developed that instant is convenient. Good accompany with your travel in Japan.




Its strongness feature, Casio wristwatch 『G-SHOCK』 is loved all over the world. Japanese electronics retail stores offer a wild production line-up which cannot be seen in other countries. From casual line in about JPY10,000 to high-end in about JPY50,000.

Wild variation




Audio instrument

‘beats by dr.dre’ by Apple is one of the popular products. It has good combination with Apple and beautiful bass sound.Color variation is so cool.


<Other popular item>



Watter bottle with good quality

Watter bottle with good quality



■Large Japanese electronics retail stores in Tokyo


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