What to buy at Japanese pharmacy

 Cooling Gel Sheet

Netsusama sheet For kid

‘Netsusama sheet'(熱さまシートby Kobayashi Pharmaceutical小林製薬) are necessity for when your kid catches a cold.Many parents should experience the difficulty to apply an ice pack to child moving around, but just stick this to a forehead and it provides a cooling sensation.The heat from evaporation of the high moisture content in a sheet has a vigorous cooling effect that lasts for about 8 hours. In Thailand, it is known as “KOOL FEVER” and people sticks it to their neck to get a cooling sensation.

Price: JPY420 (6pcs), JPY720 (12pcs) Types of kids and adults are available.

Cool Shirt Mist


(Left) Icenon “Shirt Mist”

(Right)Tokiwa shokai “Hinyari Shirt Shower”  (Source:https://yamahack.com/432)

Put spray on cloth and can get a cool feeling by menthol effect.Before commuting to workplace, just spray on shirt and you can keep feeling pleasantly cool when you are exposed to wind. Odor eliminating effect makes you forget the smelly sweat.

Hot Eye Mask


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As soon as pouch is opened, this hot eye mask (蒸気でアイマスクby Kao花王) begins to warm up. Amazing ! It lasts for approx. 10 minutes at about 40 degrees Celcius. Put them on your eyes, just like you are using a sleeping mask. It can be used in everyday, but if you use in airplane or during your travel, it must give you relaxzation.

Price: JPY379 (6pcs/pack), JPY980 (18pcs/pack) Fregrance type (lavender, chamomile ginger, rose and yuzu) or non fregrance type

Cooling Leg Pad

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Refresh your tired legs after long hours of standing, wearing high heels or doing sports by cooling them down with Kyusoku Jikan (休足時間) Cooling Leg Pad.The moisture rich sheet of Kyusoku Jikan cools your legs through the vaporization of water to help care for your tired legs. It adheres firmly to the leg till the next morning and yet is gentle on your skin.

Price: JPY379 (6pcs/pack), JPY980 (18pcs/pack) 5 aromatic fragrances


VapoRub is applied cold medicine of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd which is loved since the old days in Japan.

It can be used at ease because it is applying ointment.You apply a chest, throat and a back and ease symptoms with a cold of a stuffy nose and a sneeze.It has the smell of the menthol.Even a child who can’t take medicine yet (*more than 6 months old), a child who doesn’t like medicine and a person anxious about taking medicine can use it widely.

An active ingredient (※1) of VapoRub heated up by the body temperature becomes steam and it is inhaled through a nose and mouth.Then you can feel breathing easily.The ingredient causing sleepy feeling such as an anti-histamine doesn’t contain, so it’s also good for a driver. When I was pregnant, I was not able to take cold medicine and used VapoRub instead. (If you are pregnant,please consult with your doctor) I recommend to use from the start of catching cold.

(※1) Active ingredient :dl-camphor, turpentine, l-menthol, eucalypti, nutmeg oil and cedar leaf oil
(※) If you concern about the stickiness, please use a gauze on it.

Price : About JPY1,000(50g/bottle type), JPY1,600(tube type)




Sante FX Neo provides super cooling sensation

Source: santen.co.jp

Sante FX NEO: If you want to get extremly cool sensation to refresh your eyes, or want to shake off sleepiness to keep yourself awake during driving a car, I highly recommend best-seller ‘Sante FX NEO’ (サンテFX NEO by Santen Pharmaceutical参天製薬) As it also has an effect to relieve inflammation of eye by UV, it is useful at the beach in summer.

Reference Price: JPY500~600

※ Please refrain from excessive use and use it safely.


Soft Santear

Source :santen.co.jp

“Soft Santear “(ソフトサンティア by Santen Pharmaceutical参天製薬) is an eye drops without the preservatives which my eye doctor recommended. By using artificial tear liquid being very close to tear, it improves dry eyes by lack of tear liquid and it’s possible to apply eyewash wearing your contacts because it does not have any influence on contact lens.


Price: JPY600~(5ml x 4pcs) * It’s necessary to use up in about 1 week because of preservatives-free. * Please refrain from excessive use and use it safely.

Best-selling cosmetic in pharmacy

With the reasonable face wash by Shiseido Senka “Perfect Whip “,skin may be wrapped in a dense white bubble like whip creme to remove deep dirt on pores. What an amazing feather of this face wash is it’s lathering very well. You can find in about only JPY500 at pharmacy, it’s very popular among the wide age of Japanese women and also overseas tourist for bulk-buyong souvernior.

* Photo is Perfect Whie Clay in the series


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Sonbayu (ソンバーユ by Yakushido薬師堂) is 100% horse oil which was approved as a cosmetics raw material for the first time in the world in 2001. (*Fregrance type contains perfume other than horse oil.) Natural oil Sonbayu helps one’s self-healing power and that effect has been spreaded by word-of-mouth.

Expected effects are not only for rough skin, stain, wrinkles and pores. It’s beyond cosmtic feature and also effect for curing one of acne scar and skin burn. Various effects can be expected, yet it’s low stimulus and can be used for baby’s skin.

Reference price : JPY1,600(70ml size) * In summer, you might want to keep it in refrigerator to prevent from melting.

Shampoo of glasses

'Shampoo of glasses'

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“Megane no shampoo”(メガネのシャンプーby Soft 99 corporation). Glasses cleaner with the concept of making a shampoo like shampoo the hair.Mint berry flavor.

How to use Refrence price:JPY500


Hard to run

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Despite of reasonable price, Japanese stocking is high quality with trendy design. Most feature is strongess. It’s hard to run. There are also functional stocking to show your legs thin.



Facial Tissues

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High-grade facial tissues containing moisuture element.