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JINS is eyewear manufacturing company who has been bringing a revolution in industry of glasses in Japan. JINS mission is to break through the common sense of glasses. In 2001, JINS glasses including lens and frame at less than 10,000 yen became a hot topic, and they created the new genre of light-weight glasses called “air frame”and glasses for sports. It’s reasonable, but good quality and good design. JINS offers the largest selection in Japan with 5000 kinds in 125 brands.

The largest selection of glasses in Japan

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Stylish shop

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PC glasses

It is concerned that the blue light from PC, smart phone and television’s display causes disturbing biological clock, dried eye and ocular fatigue, neck and shoulder pain.”JINS PC”was co-developed with eye doctor to cut the blue light at most 50 % to protect eyes.

Price 3,900JPY~


JIN's glasses

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Moisture glasses

New idea moist glasses with a tank. You put water in a water pocket by a syringe, and moisture around the eyes is kept long by evaporation.

Price: 4,900 JPY~     How soon you can receive glasses ? It depends on crowded condition, but usually eyesight measurement for 10 minutes, and glasses processing for 30 minuets, total an hour.   ■ JINS Shop Location info : Odaiba (Diver city), Kichijyoji, Shinagawa(atre),Shinjuku(MYLOAD), Asakusa (EKIMISE), Ueno (atre) etc. Official website

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