Japanese fast fashion GU

As the sister store of UNIQLO, GU is leading brand of Japanese fast fashion. While UNIQLO offers selection of reasonable and high-quality clothes, GU pursues dirt-cheap items on trend.

GU has a large choice of ‘under 990yen’ bottom like leggings pants. Most standard line-up including popular ‘loose pants’ and ‘maxi one-piece dress’ are less than 2,000yen.  GU also supplies shoes, accessory and men’s casual clothes. GU clothes moderately on trend must be used pretty frequently.

Pants   One piece

Source  :uniqlo.com

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Regular Straight Jeans





■ GU Shop Location info :Ginza, Shinjuku(BICQLO 7F), Ikebukuro etc.

Official website

Ginza flag shop

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