Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokémon fan must check! Pokémon Center is Pokémon official shop dealing with game software, card game and original goods with plenty variation.“Pokémon center Tokyo” located in Hamamatsu-cho moved to Sunshine City alpa in Ikebukuro in December, 2014, and “Pokémon center mega Tokyo” has been built newly.


Shop at Ikebukuro



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More than 700 kinds Pokémon exist at present. Stuffed animal of such Pokémon are placed on Pokémon center mega Tokyo being crammed.A lot of number of stuffed animals must satisfy Pokémon lover!



Wild collection

Source: mcha-easy.com2468


Pokémon forming mega evolution is waiting for you at shop.

Source: enjoytokyo.jp


■ Location: Ikebukuro Sunshine City alpa

■ Hours: 10:00~20:00

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