Fans of Japanese Warring States Period definitely must check ! Sengokudama(戦国魂, Spirit of Warring States Period) is the largest store specializing in popular Warring States Period history-based goods in Japan, and they offer the original design of cell phone strap,T-shirt and note pad.

Sengokudama at Solamachi

Don’t miss ‘Armor collection strap’!

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It’s excellent design of armor charm which samurai bring to the war with themselves for victory blessing.It was developed with armor craftsperson in Kyoto over one year and realized to duplicate the exact structure of armor with the exquisite detail of the shapes, the tradition colors, the hole position and making flat yarn.

Fantastic detail design

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Limited item at store, “Armor bottle Cover”



■ Location: Oshiage (Solamchi)