Bag and accessory Smantha Thavasa

‘Wishing all lady can change bags just like changing clothes’ That is the concept of Smantha Thavasa who offers high-quality bag in reasonable price.In Japan,Smantha has overwhelming brand rating mainly among ladies in twenties. All process from design to manufacture are made in Japan.Their product line-up covers bag and accessory, which are more than 200 kinds in all brands.

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‘Smantha Thavasa’

Image charactor model Miranda Kha


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Samantha’s representative brand with the concept “on overflowing aura of happiness”. Lovely gorgeousness product line-up with trend design from casual to elegant. An array of colors such as pastels, vivid hues and monotones should make you feel happy.


‘Smantha Vega’

Smantha Vega series


Casual style for adult lady. Smantha Vega offers functional bag with lovely trend design.
Plenty charm and an accessory line-up is also attractive.


 ‘Smantha Tiara’


Jewelry with trend and rich design. For lady who put on a jewelry by feeling on a day and TPO like clothes.


‘Smantha Thavasa Deluxe’


Leather square bag JPY 27,000(US$240)


Feminine and mode line-up for office lady.

Rather formal bag series can be found in a reasonable price.


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