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Pilot FRIXION Ball

It’s best-selling erasable ball-point pen sold since 2007, and 1.2 billion pens have been sold over the world. A color of ink is changed by temperature change. Character can be erased with frixion heat by rubbing out with special rubber at the back of a pen. 30 years have passed to develop this amazing pen. Must-buy souvenir in Japan!

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Brand new Ginza main store

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After the reconstruction in about 2 years, ITOYA main store with long history since 1904 has been remodeled at the center of Ginza in June, 2015.

You can find greeting cards, notebook and paper goods with the wild range color and design from Japanese to modern. New main store is 13 stories. Along the concept such as Desk, Meeting, Travel which is set up on each floors, they make space not for just buying stationery but  ‘People spend the time’ in creative space. There is a drink shop on 1st floor, and you can walk around in the store with drink.

■ Location: Ginza (main store)
■ Hours: Weekdays,Sat/10:00~20:00, Sun,holiday/10:00~19:00
■ G.Itoya is for general stationery, K.Itoya is for fountain pen etc.

Official website (Japanese)


Ginza main store

Kyokyudo(鳩居堂) is a shop specializing in Japanese stationery, incense,calligraphy tools, postcard and letter set since 1663.Kyokyudo pursues genuine goodness and valuable goods beyond the time, and offer traditional yet new collection. With good Japanese atmosphere, Ginza main store is creating space where you feel Japanese beautiful four seasons with healing fragrance.


On the 3rd and 4th floor of the same building, there is Kyokudou gallery where exhibition focusing calligraphy is took place frequently. Admission free.

Caligraphy gallery


■ Location: Ginza (main store)
■ Hours: Weekdays,Sat/10:00~19:00, Sun,holiday/11:00~19:00
Official website (Japanese)

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