Tenugui “Hamamonyo Kime ” with the full of playful mind

“Hamamonyo Kime” is Tenugui (a cotton cloth) shop located at 6th floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza which newly opened in the central of Ginza on 31st March 2016. Hamamonyo offers abundant Tenugui by dyeing with Nassen, a stencil dyeing technique born in Yokohama where used to be a distributing center of silk in Japan with history over 120 years. Its traditional technique enables to give a comfortable touch after wiping up and express “fine and delicate” design on Tenugui.



Display like museum

Fine color expression and playful mind

Tenugui has wide practical use such as wrapping cloth, table runner and handkerchief, and its pattern is enjoyable.The traditional Nassen method realized overlay of fine colors.

Japanese classic pattern like white-spotted pattern and a pattern of waves in blue ocean are mixed in the modern pattern.Looking carefully adorable animal patterns, and we can find a cat having green tea and a panda doing a forward roll. Hamamonyo makes us comfortable with playful mind.


Drawing Tenugui like art

Pictorial Tenugui that can be displayed as interior in you room is like an art. The unique design capturing seasonable daily life in Japan is what you can only find in Japan. The leftmost tenugui of Ginza scenery is made at the 1st anniversary of Kime with the passion of Kime staff. Brushwood dog is adorable.

Tenugui Book MOMA remarked

“Tenugui book” is a folded piece of tenugui like a book and it was exhibited at MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art) in New York. It can be used as a piece of usual tenugui by unfolding. Vivid coloring tenugui book with the concept of Japan or Tokyo must be a perfect souvenir.



Tokyo with brushwood dog                                             Japan series


Let’s make original Furoshiki bag in a reasonable price!

Item FEEL TOKYO especially paying attention is a original bag made of “Furoshiki”. Furoshiki are square shaped tough cloths used in Japan to wrap box or bottle etc and carry them. Furoshiki is part of Japanese culture based on Japanese mind that takes care of thing and makes full use of.


At Kime, you can select favorite furoshiki among approx. 30 patterns,and make you own bag with the combination of handle. The bag of above picture(blue one) is about less than 35 bucks. It is happy price,isn’t it ?

I asked to make bag with bigger furoshiki (35 inches wide)

Bigger than expected

The process of making bag is simple than expected. Manual leaflet in English is available and you can also shoot the process video.

If you are looking for some nice souvenir in Ginza, Hamamonyo Kime is the place to go !

Lattice ball design (Ginza shop limitation)


■ Shop Information

濱文様 きめ Hamamonyo Kime Ginza shop
Location: Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F
Hours: 11:00~21:00
Official website 



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