Some no Anbo ,Traditional Tenugui shop since 1907

Some no Anbo


Tenugui is a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton. Some no Anbo is a tenugui special shop who has protecting their tradition since 1907.With passion for quality, they use high-quality bleached cotton which realizes toughness and smoothness at the same time. Because craftsperson breach one by one by “Tenasen”, hand printing method, they can create design with bright and deep colors.

Only about 2 minutes from Kaminarimon in Asakusa.



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Captures the essence of the Japanese grateful four seasons. Because you can meet new design in different season, you can enjoy your visit any number of times.

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Wild range design from primitive classical pattern to lovely modern pattern. Design is created by 7 designers.




Cool apron.

Cool apron

<How to use>


As a towel :Wash in water without detergent and wring out tightly.Because thin tenugui dries fast, it is clean. Not obstructive if you wrap it around your neck.

For washing face :Skin will be smooth by washing your face and body with it.

As a tapestry :By putting in frame or suspending on the wall, it makes the atmosphere of Japanese in your room. Frame and tapestry bar is also sold at shop.


Some no Anbo shop info.

■ Location: Asakusa

■ Hours:10:30~19:00

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