Accessible mountain from Tokyo- Mt.Takao

Mt.Takao with 599m above sea level isn’t so high in Japan, yet it’s a No.1 mountaineering spot in the world for the number of climbers attracting 3 Million visitors a year. It takes less 1 hour by train from the center of Tokyo (i.e. No transfer from Shinjuku by Keio Line). For the reason that people can enjoy nature stroll easily, Mt. Takao was awarded the maximum of three stars by Michelin in 2007.

Mauntain view from Mt.Takao
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Hiking courses are 8 Trails (Recommendation for beginner is Trail 1).Average hiking time is 1.5 hours.

Mt.Takao trails



During your hiking, you can also enjoy Japanese ambience as there are temple named Sanyaku Ouin (山薬王院) on the side of Mt.Takao.

The way to Sanyaku Ouin temple

Precincts of  the temple

The temple is famous for long-nosed goblin belief and there are Long-nosed goblin’s statues from place to place.Izuna gongendo(飯綱権現堂) with wonderful decoration is the feature of Mt.Takao sightseeing.

Long-nosed goblin



In autumn, the colored leaves over the mountain look a red carpet. It’s fantastic. Because of lower temperature, the best time of a cherry blossoms and colored leaves comes little bit later than the center of Tokyo, so if you miss colored leaves, you should go to Mt.Takao ! Mt.Takao provides great nature which has you feel four seasons, cherry blossoms in late spring, chilly steam and dark green in summer.

Color leaves in autumn


Small waterfall

From observatory of mountain top, you will find the view of Mt. Fuji awarded as the world’s cultural and natural heritage.

Mt.Fuji seen from Takao


Beer garden opens in summer season.

Beer garden in summer


■ Location: Takaosanguchi (Keio Line)
* You might want to check hiking trails and hiking guide of Mt.Takao official website

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