Drinking in the daytime with Japanese oldtown ambience


One of major spot in Ueno area is open-air market as if you feel in Asia. Ameya-Yokochō (アメヤ横丁). Do you know it is the perfect place for drinking in the daytime ?


Energetic atmosphere like Asian market

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At the center of restaurant district lined up under railway viaduct between Ueno station and Okachimachi station, reasonable Japanese pubs are crowded togeher.You will feel drinking in the daytime is common sense here.

Pubs under railway viaduct

Recommended pubs are ;

Offal meat(gut),roast giblets Hours 10:00~24:00
Specialty is horse organ 420JPY
Takioka たきおか
Standing pub,seafood,roast giblets
Mon-Sat 7:00~23:30 Sun,holiday 7:00~22:00
Kakudora カクドラ
Standing pub, raw fish,roast giblets,grilled food  Hours 10:00~23:30
Draft beer (EXTRA COLD) 400JPY  Food from 150JPY *English menu available
Kushiage Juraku 串揚げじゅらく
Deep-fried skewers  Hours 14:30~23:00(L.O.22:30)
All you can eat and drink course 3,000JPY (2hours limit)~

■ Access: 3 minutes from Ueno Station Shinobazu guchi exit (Under JR viaduct)
■ Budget ave. 1,000~3,000JPY



Hoppy Street

At west side of Sensoji’s grounds in Asakua near off‐track betting office, there are a street called “ Hoppy street “ lined with small pubs. If you want to experience the energetic atmosphere of traditional Tokyo district, you should visit here.

Perfect place for drinking in the daytime

“Hoppy” is a low-alcohol beer-flavored beverage. You can drink draft beer,too. It used to be a popular place only among horse racing visitors, but in recent years, it gets attention from domestic and abroad tourists with open atmosphere and reasonable prices.

As it is famous for stewed food like stewed beef, stewed fish and meat and potato stew, the street is also known as “ Stew Street “.


Recommended pubs are ;

Suzuyoshi 鈴芳   Mon,Wed-Fri 12:00~22:00 weekend/holiday 10:00~22:00 *Close Tuesday
Izakaya Kouji 居酒屋浩司 : Weekdays: 15:00~23:00, weekend: 10:00~23:00, holiday: 12:00~23:00*Close Monday
Motsukushi もつくし:Weekdays 12:00~23:00,weekend/holiday 9:00~23:00
Daikatsu 大勝: Weekdays 11:00~23:00 , weekend 9:30~23:00 *Close Monday
Hoppy Street Info

■ Access : 5 minutes from Asakusa station(Ginza Line)
■ Lunch/Dinner ave.2,000~3,000JPY

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