Go to see Iconic Panda at Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo (Ueno Zoological Gardens) established in 1882 is the oldest zoo in Japan.It is located inside Ueno Park, and 5 minutes by JR Ueno station(Park exit).

Ueno Zoo opens at 9:30am.If you want to see animals moving lively, you might want to arrive at the opening time.The park is consist of two areas, East Garden and West Garden.

Ueno Zoo Iconic Animal Panda

As there are few chances to see panda abroad, it is popular for overseas tourists to take a look at Giant pandas in Ueno.As panda often sleeps when they are not fed, feeding time is a good time to see them.


Other than panda, Ueno Zoo is home for over 3,000 animals in 500 different species.

Not only panda !

The 3 rarest animals in the world

Giant pandas, “okapis” and “pygmy hippos” are quite rare species which is called as the three rarest animals in the world.You can see them in Ueno Zoo.


It’s an African animal which body is like horse and zebra and which head is like giraffe.Classified into Red List IB. He did not appear at the outside gauge when I saw, and I turned around to check inside exhibition.

Pygmy hippos

Body is almost one-tenth of normal Hippos, and it’s like child of hippos. He was drinking water.

You can also find;

Stagnant Bird “Shoebill Stork”

Bird Shoebill has the feather of big beak and big body.It pauses patiently in a marshland and do hunting by waiting a fish of food to be coming near. It became hot topics as ” The bird which does not move ” on television and internet, and it’s also a popular animal at Ueno Zoo.

Japanese macaques(Monkeys)

Parent and child monkeys grooming each other are adorable.

Monorail train

If you buy a ticket, you can use a monorail train connecting East Garden and West Garden.If you walk, it takes a few minutes.

Place to rest

In the park, you can find some cafeteriea or bring lunch box to take a rest at public opening space and benches.

“Bamboo peel ” lunch box of Cafe Camaleon

Chicken,shiitake mushroom and black soybeans is on steamed rice.How lovely.

Gift shop

A stuffed animal, a key chain,a Japanese towel and a snack are sold at gift shops.You can get lovely panda goods.

Some cafeteria inside the park are clouded and it might be difficult to find your seat, so buying lunch box at “ecute” shops inside JR Ueno station in advance is an option.

Panda donut at “ecute” (JR Ueno station)

Ueno Zoo (Ueno Zoological Gardens) Info.
■ Hours: 9:30~17:00(tickets sold until16:00)
■ Close: Monday,29-Dec to 1-Jan
■ Admission:Adults /JPY600, Seniors(65 +)/JPY300,Students(13-15)/JPY200,Children(0-12)/FREE

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