Have breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the places representing Tokyo sightseeing where people can enjoy very fresh seafood with lively fish market atmosphere. The fish market transfer from Tsukiji to the new site Toyosu is 11th October,2018.


Only inner market will move to Toyosu and Tsukiji market doesn’t disappear.Tsukiji market will reborn as Tsukiji new market with new stores in 93 blocks.New Toyosu and historical Tsukiji. There will be two major spots of fish market in Tokyo. Tokyo will be more attractive toward Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.


   Bowl of sashimi


Tsukiji Market used to be divided into an inner market and an outer market. The market is a place to go shopping for fresh seafood and dry foods, and eat fresh foold at restaurants. The Tuna Auctions was the most popular feature at inner market as  Tsukiji sightseeing.


Even after the transfer from Tsukiji to Toyosu, outer market remains as the place where retail shops and a number of restaurants are open to the public. At everywhere, you can feel lively atmosphere that people are calling out. Other than Sushi and bowl of rice topped with sashimi, you can find wild variety of foods in reasonable price like curry and rice, ramen, rice ball and croissant.

Tsukiji outer market


Sauteed scollop with butter

Scollop with butter

Let’s wake up early and go to Tsukiji for breakfast !



Tsukiji Fish Market Info.

■ Location: Tsukiji station(5 mins walk),Tsukijishijo (1 min walk from A1 exit)
■ Hours: Around from 5:00am
■ Close: Sunday,holiday and twice Wednesday per month (not fixed)
■ Admission free

Official website


Why Tsukiji Market move to a new site ?

(1) Current Tsukiji Market was built in 1935 and become deteriorated
(2) There is no enough space for loads in inner market and they are put in outer market, which could be a problem of food safety
(3) Due to the lack up car parking space, it causes traffic jam

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