Magical world Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney Land is the place of Magic Kingdom where everybody is loved, but Tokyo Disney Resort is beyond just amusement park.

“Tokyo Disney Resort”is generic name of combination, “Tokyo Disney Land” and “Tokyo Disney Sea”.FEEL TOKYO wondered if visitor from abroad can really enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort.If you are equal to the long waiting time (sometimes truly unbelievable), the answer is YES.


Due to the Japanese culture where people give a lot of importance to cleaning oneself and the surroundings, the park is perfectly maintenanced and it’s hard to find trash. All staff gives you smile and kindness with their full hospitality. You must feel the essence of Japanese culture there.

To avoid crowd as much as possible, you might want to check crowd calender in advance and decide the date to visit.There is no official crowd calender announced by Tokyo Disney Resort,but you can find some useful link on internet.Tokyo Disney Resort is always crowd regardless of weekday (why people do not go to school or work on  weekday !?), but through a year, it tends to most crowd in March for spring vacation of student in Japan and Easter event, Halloween season which cosplayers are gathered and Christmas season for dating couples. On the other hand, January is said not crowed so much due to the examination period for students in Japan.

Crowed Calender of DISNEYREAL

What the special of Tokyo Disney Resort

– It’s really magical space. People visiting there look exciting and very happy! The ambience of Disney is created by people.

Magical world where people make happy

– The largest class in the world !

– There is original attraction which is not seen in overseas Disney.Monster s Ink (shooting attraction) ,Honey Hunt of Poo (looking around Poo world), Jangle Cruise (cruising on boat along the river inside the park)

– Disney with the theme focusing on “Marine” is only Tokyo Disney Sea in the world !

Theme “Marine ” of Tokyo Disney Sea

Little Mermaid zone

Parade of Tokyo Disney Sea is took place at central lake.

– Mickey and character shape silhouette is hidden inside park

Hidden character

– Flavored popcorn are sold at many places. Caramel flavor and soy sauce flavor etc.
– You find lots of teenagers enjoy matching fashion coordination.


Peojct Mapping of Tokyo Disney Land

Even if we do not spare much time to secure sitting place for parade, we can enjoy story-telling project mapping reflecting on central Cinderella castle.

Toy Story,one of most popular attraction in Tokyo Disney Sea


Tower ot terror, falling attraction of Tokyo Disney Sea


■ Tokyo Disney Resort  Official website
■ Locoation: Maihama (20 mins from Tokyo station)

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