Walk sacred appoach in forest – Meiji Jingu Shrine

Step away from the busy city in Tokyo and you can feel the power of nature at Meiji Jingu , one of the largest shrines in the central of Tokyo. When you pass through a torii, gateway to the shrine, a magnificent forest spreads in front of you. A tranquil moment should make you forget you are in Tokyo.

This area is covered by an evergreen forest that consists of 120,000 trees of 365 different species, which were donated by people from all parts of Japan when the shrine was established.


Surrounded by beautiful green



It’s about 10 minutes’ walk to the main shrine.


Shinto has no founder, no holy book, and not even the concept of religious conversion, but Shinto values for sincere heart called “Magokoro” and harmony with nature.


Don’t forget to make a wish at the main shrine.

Main shrine

Kiyomasa’s Well

On the way to main shrine, there is large iris garden.(Admmission fee: JPY500)  “Kiyomasa’s well” inside the garden is a famous power sport as believed to bring good luck or make wish come true.

     Gate of Kiyomasa’s well


If you are lucky, you might be able to see Shinto traditional wedding ceremony. It’s really beautiful.

Beautiful wedding ceremony

Source meijijingu.or.jp

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Meiji Jingu (明治神宮)Info

■ Admission free
■ Hours: From sunrise to sunset

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