Socks Tabio

Sportsmen and businessmen must check !
Please try on Tabio’s socks and feel new sensation of sticking on a foot. Tabio original socks are fit perfectly yet comfortable for business use, high functional for sports use, and offer trendy design for ladies.

For its manufacturing style perusing highest level performance and quality of Made in Japan, Tabio was taken up by Japanese television as “domestic manufacture of the next generation “” not beaten by dirt-cheap overseas socks”.



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Racing Run

Socks for racing running


The most popular Tabio item is 5 finger racing running socks which boasts great popularity among men and women runners.Total 300,000 socks have been shipped by 2012, and also it won a good design award.

This socks support your running by having arch support function.By adopting solic process, It’s difficult to move, and improve conformity to wear. For a tip of the toe,mesh is used which enable to improve ventiation. It also has deodorant function and absorb sweat quickly by using special material. The price is starting at 1620 yen.




Tabio socks for golf


Developed for athreat golfer with the passion for quality realizing “Stable walking movement” “the stable address” and “comfortable fit feeling”.


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