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Ootoya Lunch Set 669 JPY  Ikebukuro store

Ootoya (大戸屋) is the chain of healthy Japanese home cuisine in a reasonable price.Popular menus are “Set Meal of Fried Vegetables and Chicken with Black Vinegar Sauce”(824JPY), Ootoya’s Lunch Set (Pumpkin Croquette, Deep-fried Chicken,669JPY), “Set Meal of Home Style Braised Chicken” and  “Set Meal of Chargrilled Atka Mackerel.” Normal rice can be changed to smooth five kinds of grain rice as free of charge.

■ Locations: Shinjuku i-LAND (The largest store in Tokyo), Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Roppongi etc.
More than 100 places in Tokyo.
■ English menu with meal pictures available


Hanamaru Udon

Dert-cheap Sanuki udon 

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The Japanese fast food chain Hanamaruudon (はなまるうどん)offers genuine Sanuki noodles in dirt-cheap price. Standard ‘Bukkake udon’ is small for 300 yen, middle for 400yen and large for 500yen. In order to realize the genuine taste, Hanamaruudon uses special ingredient and soft water, and manage temperature carefully in process. The way to order is picking up toping like Tempura to tray if you like and tell udon type and hot or ice , then they will serve for you.

■ Location: Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza etc.


Curry Udon Senkichi

Creamy currey udon   Omotesando

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Senkichi(千吉) is curry Udon noodle specialty restaurant. Senkichi has kept making curry udon over 20 years and offers udon in rich curry soup. Flavor is Japanese soup stock with milk,spicy,black curry and red curry with coconut taste.Curry udon with rice starting at 700JPY.

■ Locatino: OmotesandoShinjuku, Jiyugaoka,Tamachi
Official website (Japanese)



All star tendon and soba set 930yen  Tokyo yaesu store

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Tempura chain Tenya offers good quality Tendon, a bowl of Tempura in a reasonable price.Tendon(天丼):Topping with shrimp, squid, Japanese whiting and pumpkin,kidney beans for 500 yen.All Star Tendon (オールスター天丼):Topping with shrimp, big squid, scallop, Grifola frondosus, lotus root and kidney beans for 720 yen.Small soba or small noodles can be put with all bowls for plus 210 yen.

■Location: Shinjuku,Harajuku,Tokyo,Ueno,Ginza,etc.
More than 80 stores in Tokyo.

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