Explore deep Asakusa by riding on Rickshaw

Asakusa is the most popular sightseeing site of Tokyo’s districts.

Asakusa's main attraction Sensoji

Although a lot of tourists just finish Asakusa’s travel only by visiting Sensoji( a very popular Buddhist temple) and the Nakamise( a shopping street for tourists), I wish you explore around Asakusa deeply because Asakusa is surrounded by shitamachi, low city with the atmosphere of old Tokyo. At the left side of Sensoji, nostalgic town is spread, and important cultural properties such as Asakusa Shrine are dotted at the right side.

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You can easily find a guided tour on a rickshaw (“man powered vehicle”). There are more than 10 companies rickshaw, and fares are depends on the company.

■Location: Asakusa

■For example of ‘Tokyorikushaw’, fares are

Trial course JPY3,000/per person, JPY4,000/for two people
Half around(30min) JPY7,000/per person, JPY9.000/for two people
Full circle(70min) JPY15,000/per person, JPY20,000/for two people


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