Cozy time at Imperial Palace Outer Garden

Imperial Palace (皇居,Kōkyo) is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. It was formerly Edo Castle (Edo is the former name of  Tokyo City), it is surrounded by a moat, rich in greenery and trees. Edo Castle was constructed on a vast scale, and was the largest castle ever built in Japan.The remaining stone walls, moats and gates are of great historical importance.Being in the middle of office buildings, it gives the feel of the Samurai age. It is a large park-like area located in the center of Tokyo.

Sakuradamon gate
Sakurada Mon Gate

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Nijyubashi, double bridge

Nijubashi (which means ‘Double Bridge’)
Impressive stone bridge is the entrance to the inner palace grounds.

Imperial Palace is surrounded by the twelve scenic moats and Kitanomaru Garden in North, and the Garden Plaza is directly in front of.In the Kokyogaien National Garden Plaza approximately 2,000 Japanese Black Pines (Pinus Thunbergi) are planted in the lawn area.


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Imperial Palace Outer Garden(皇居外苑,Kokyogaien National Garden Plaza) together with the Imperial Palace grounds are the single largest green area in center of Tokyo.This area is close to Tokyo station and nice place to have cozy time. Pine trees are beautiful and well maintained. Many people enjoy taking a nap, reading and take a rest here.






Wadakura Fountain Park

Fountain of Wadakura Garden Park

This fountain park located in Garden Plaza was refurbished to celebrate the occasion of the royal wedding of the Crown Prince and Princess. The center fountain has water jet of 8.5m. There is restaurant and rest house with wood terrace inside the park.


■  Access for Imperial Palace Outer Garden (Kokyo Gaien National Park)
Nearest station: Nijyubashimae Sta.or Hibiya Sta.
Or approx.5mins walks from Tokyo station

See more on official website of Ministry of the Environment

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