See beautiful flowers in Tokyo


Showa Kinen Park – Colorful Tulip


This government-managed large park representing Japan provides the scenery of seasonal flowers through the year.In Spring, you can see cherry blossoms, rape blossoms, tulips, poppy,moss phiox and nemophila etc.


The highlight of Showa Kinen Park is a field of 230 thousand colorful tulips. Tulips are on either bank of running small stream in the park. Flower Festival is took place every year in Spring. (24-March to 27-May in 2018)



Admission Fee: Adult/JPY410, 65-year-old and more/JPY210, 15-year-old and less/JPY80
Access: 10-15 mins from Tachikawa station (JR line)

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Jindai Botanical Gardens – Beautiful Rose

Today about 100,000 trees and brushes of 4,500 species are planted in Jindai Botanical Gardens located in Chofu city (near Kichijoji and Mitaka area). The gardens are divided into 30 blocks by plant species, including the rose garden, azalea garden, plum garden, and bush clover gardens.

At the period of Rose Festival in Spring which took place every year around May (From 8th May to 31th May in 2018), you can see a field of 5,200 roses over 400 kinds.





Hours: 9:30-17:00 (Entrance is open until 16:00)
*Open at 8:00 during Rose Festival
Close: Monday, 29-Dec to 1-Jan
Admission Fee: Adult/JPY500, 65 year-old ant more/JPY250,12-year-old and more/JPY200, 12-year-old and less/Free
Access: Jindai-shokubutsu-koen-mae bus stop on Odakyu bus for Chofu or Jindaiji from Mitaka or Kichijoji (JR line). Less 30 mins.


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