Surrounded by Baby Blue Eye Flowers, Blue Sky and Ocean

The largest field of baby blue eyes (Nemophila) flowers named“Miharashi no Oka ”(Hill of overlook) is in Hitachi Seaside Park located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan, that features a sea of 4.5 million baby blue eyes. The sea on sky blue flowers blooms once annually around from late April to mid May.


A sea of lapis lazuli blue as you can see !

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(Photo by S.Ishida)


The scenery that baby blue eyes(Nemophila) go on is introduced as “ Superb landscape of Blue” and “ Hill connecting with Sky” on the medias, which Japan are able to be proud to the world as one of superb landscape in Japan. Baby blue eyes field surrounded by blue sky on the hilltop is just like a dream. The hilltop also looks out on the Pacific Ocean.


The word “Nemophila” derive from Greek “Nemos (small forest)” and “love” as they inhabit near forest. Japanese name is “Arabesque of lapis lazuli blue”.

The language of baby blue eyes is “Pretty” “Pure” “Success anywhere” etc.


Planning to see the cherry blossoms in Japan is difficult because the period is unexpected and short, but it may be easier to plan on visiting to see baby blue eyes. Once baby blue eyes bloom, their color become lighter in color over time, so you might want to check the best season in advance. In 2016,“Nemophila Harmony”event is from 23th April to 15th May. Mid April was the best season in 2016, which was 2 weeks earlier than the average year.

Hitachi Seaside Park also features vast flower gardens including many varieties of Tulips, Narcissuse, Rapessed, Poppy, Rose and Lavender through a year. Click here to see Annual flower calendar of the park.
Baby blue eyes (Nemophila)

■ Place: Miharashi No Oka
■ Bloom period: Late April to Mid May
■ The number of flower: 4.5 million


Hitachi Seaside Park Information
■ Admission: Adult/JPY410 (over15-year-old), JPY210(over 65-year-old) Free under 6-year-old
■ Hours: 9:30~evening *The period of Japanese Golden Week/ 7:30~
■ Close:Monday,one week of February etc.
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Access – How to get to Hitachi Seaside Park from Tokyo
1.From Ueno Station(上野) to Katsuta Station(勝田):80 min by express (JR Joban Line常磐線bound for Katsuta) JPY3,820 *If you get on local train, it takes 2 hours.
2.From Katsuta Station(勝田)to Ajigaura Station(阿字ヶ浦): 30 min by train (Hitachinaka Seaside Railway,Minato Lineひたちなか海浜鉄道湊線) JPY570
3.From Ajigaura Station(阿字ヶ浦)to Hitachi Seaside Park: 20min on foot to the south entrance

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