To the World of Ghibli – Ghibli Museum

Film Ghibli is one of Japanese representative animation produced by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.Their masterpiece like “My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)” and “Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)”are known globally.Its original world view with heart-warming and strong message has attracted a lot of fans in the world.

There is Ghibli’s museum located close to the Inokashira Park in Tokyo.

There are 2 ways to get to Ghibli Museum; one is walk from Kichihoji station through Inokashira Park and the other is walk or get on shuttle bus (one way JPY210) from JR Mitaka station.


Go through Inokashira Park


Shuttle bus by Mitaka station



To the World of Ghibli

Welcoming Totoro


Three-story museum built based on the sketch drawn by director Hayao Miyazaki is really unique.There’s an atrium style ceiling and the museum is equipped with a traditional elevator and spiral staircases which lead up to upper floors and to the rooftop garden. Museums is composed of several zone, mini theater, shop and cafeteria. Walking through to inside, we can find beautiful stained glasses which some scene of Ghibli story are drawn.Taking photo is not allowed inside,so please imagine with this floor map.

Popular “Cat Bus” of Totoro

One of popular zone is”Cat Bus of Totoro”.Under 12-year-old child (*As of July,2017) can go in and out the large stuffed animal Cat Bus. Riding to the top is really enjoyable. According to the report of my kid, Cat Bus has soft and comfortable feel. No additional fee is required to play.

At zone “Room of Start-moving”, you can learn how Ghibli’s animation is created, and you can also see a work area where Ghibli studio are reproduced at zone”Place where film is made”.

The world of “Castle in the Sky”

On the rooftop of the museam, a robot of “Castle in the Sky” stands as a guardian god of this museum. It becomes shooting spot.

At souvenir shop, we can find post card, pin badge, stationery, stuffed animal. Photo is “Levi stone of Castle in the Sky” (JPY2600) . Levi stone’s light starts flashing strongly by recognizing the sound of magic spell.

* In conclusion *

 Ghibli Museum is the place both adult and child can enjoy and visitor can also deeply learn how Gibli animation film is created. Very reasonable ticket price  (Adult/JPY1000,Child/JPY400) is also nice surprise.




More about Ticket Reservation

Ticket reservation in advance is absolutely necessary.Ticket can be bought through online service of Gibli Museum or Loppi, or terminal machine at convenience store of Lawson, but I should say it is very difficult. On 10th of previous month, ticket starts to be sold, but the access is always too heavy. (Actually I kept struggling to access for 20 minutes at convenient store.)  You are unable to ask to buy ticket to your Japanese friend because the verification is strictly required. I recommend to reserve through official agency.




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