Touch KAWAII culture in Harajuku

Kawaii Monster Cafe

“The new Tokyo that nobody has seen”

Brand new concept Kawaii Monster Cafe has born in Harajuku, a colorful town that has been creating its own original culture by engulfing the world’s most trendiest fashions and cultures in August,2015.It is produces by Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda who let Kawaii things of Japan be known in the world through the direction and art of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.Beyond pretty, it’s exciting and crazy world !


The cake shaped Merry-go-round “Sweet Go Round ” and the iconic Harajuku girls called “Monster Girls”will welcome you at entrance.

Sweet Go Round   Monster Girl
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Dining area is divided into 4 unique zones. You can select one at reception.

“Mushroom Disco”
A forest covered with poisonous colorful mushrooms and space plants.There is also a secret room inside.


“Milk Stand”
A crazy baby room where the animals drink their milk.

Milk Stand zone

“Mel-Tea Room”
A sweet room decorated with chocolate and macarons.

Mel Tea zone

Sweet color chandelier

“Bar Experiment”
The bar counter surrounded by mysterious glowing jellyfish in the deep sea.

Bar experiment

The event like Halloween party and Christmas party is took placed by the sponsorship of Kawaii Monster Cafe.

Kawaii Monster Cafe presents colorful menus like Colorful Pretty Cake,Flashy Colors Big Parfait and Rainbow Color Pasta.

Colorful Rainbow Pasta (Painter) JPY1,300



Fried potato JPY500


Colorful Poison Parfait (Extreme) JPY2,300





Kawaii Monster Cafe info.

■Location : Harajuku
■90 minutes limited system
■Zone charge: 500JPY per person is charged separately
■English menu available
Official website

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