Café 1894

Classic cafe 1894  

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Classical Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum’s Café 1894 is located in the hall originally occupied by the banking department. The area has been recreated as faithfully as possible with the aid of photographs believed to date from the building’s completion in 1894. You will feel as if you slip into another time. A cup of coffee is 525JPY. Homemade classic apple pie is recommended.

■ Location:Yurakucho
* You can also walk from Tokyo station.

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Hoshino Coffee (星乃珈琲) is coffee chain offering delicious hand drip coffee.A cup of coffee starting at 700JPY. Second help is half price depending on coffee menu. They also serve meal like souffle doria, past and sandwich. I highly recommend very soft “double souffle pancake” of Hoshino Coffee.

■ Location:Shinjuku East Exit,Roppongi ,Ginza(Sukiyabashi) etc

■ One order is necessaey for one person
Official website (Japanese)

Lindt Chocolat Cafe

Luxury chocolate brand “Lindt” coming from Swiss is loved in more than 120 countries in the world, and they also penetrated theJapan market. You can enjoy thick chocolate sweets at Linz chocolate cafe in Ginza, Omotesando, Shibuya, Jiyugaoka and Kichijoji in Tokyo. Don’t miss the period limitation and store limitation sweets.




Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Aoyama Flower Market Cafe  Surrounded by green and flower

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The new style café produced by flower shop ‘Aoyama flower market’.

TEA HOUSE with an image of greenhouse are surrounded by plants and flowers where you can feel comfortable and cozy “time and space” as if you are in forest. All over the spaces, the plants spread freshly and the flowers arranged naturally.

A flower is also used for the menu, tea with flower, rose soda, French toast and parfait using edible flower, which appearance can also be enjoyed. Popular ‘Fresh herbal tea’ in a pot has volume for many 3 cups.

■ Location:Omotesando 

■ Hours: (Mon-Sat)11:00~20:00, (Sun,holiday) 11:00~19:00
(Lunch) 11:00 ~15:00*only weekday
■ Busy hour is core time on weekend. You migh want to visit on weekday’s afternoon. 

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Tokyo Gran Roof store  French Waffle

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Do you know “Hybrid sweets”,the combination of different sweets? French Waffle is a specialty of R.L WAFFLE CAFE which is made of moist French toast and crispy waffle at the same time. R.L WAFFLE CAFE offers plenty menu of waffle, waffle cake with cream and fruit and pizza waffle etc.Vintage furniture and gadgets of Northern Europe is also lovely.

■Location : Akihabara,Tokyo (GRANROOF)
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Play Japanese tradtional music in Tokyo – “Koto” (Japanese harp)

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