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Yakiniku(Japanese Barbecue) is the national food of Japanese along with Ramen.One of my best recommendation of Yakiniku in Tokyo is SHOUTAIEN. It’s over 15 years ago when I visited SHOUTAIEN for the first time. My senior at company took me there and I experienced the real taste of Yakiniku.You can enjoy good quality meat of short rib,skirt,tongue reasonable price starting from JPY5,000.It never declines their popularity and it’s difficult to enter without reservation. How about spending the blissful moment at SHOUTAIEN at Daimon and see the Tokyo Tower at night ?Must be your forgettable experience.

■Location: Shida-Daimon, Shinabshi, Ginza
■English menu available
■Dinner ave.JPY5,000~8,000
Official website (Japanese only)


37 Steakhouse & Bar



If you search for authentic steak in Tokyo, 37 Steakhouse & Bar is the place to go who is a genuine steakhouse offering the great prime steak that you’ve come to expect in the steakhouses of New York. Specialty is a mouth-watering porterhouse steak, the finest Australian “Wagyu” beef that has been aged for 21 days, and a Black Angus rib steak that maintains the perfect balance between lean beef and juicy fat.

■ Locations: Roppongi Hills, Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori 2F
■ Lunch ave. 1,000~2,000JPY,Dinner ave. 8,000~10,000JPY
*Pre-school age children are not permitted to enter during lunch time on weekdays

Official website



 OREGON Bar and Grill



American grill and bar located at 42th floor of Shiodome City Center.Oregon Bar & Grill provides authentic charcoal-grilled delicacies and a bar lounge with a great view of Tokyo Tower and Ginza city.

 ■ Locations: 3 minutes from Shiodome or Shinabshi station
■ Lunch ave.1,000~2,000JPY,Dinner ave.10,000~15,000JPY
■ You might want to confirm if they are not closed for a private party

Official website


Hiratabokujyo Kiwami KITTE

Kinka pork shabu-shabu   With the view of Marunouchi in Tokyo


Hiratabokujyo Kiwami (平田牧場 極) offers the first-class Hirata Jinhua(Kinka) pork Hirata pasture carefully brought up. “Jinhua(Kinka)” ham is one of the world top three hams named after the city of Jinhua in China.

Hiratabokujyo Kiwami is located in KITTE newly opened in 2013 and you can enjoy the view of Marunouchi. You can know as much about the difference of Jinhua(Kinka) quality with Shabu-shabu and fried pork cutlet.Local food with the seasonal ingredients is also recommended. Wild selection of wine, sake and distilled spirits are aviailable.


■ Location: Tokyo station KITTE 6F
■ Lunch ave. 2,000~3,000JPY, Dinner ave.6,000~8,000JPY


Imahan Ningyocho

Ningyocho main restaurant 

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Imahan (人形町今半) is the best sukiyaki and shabu-shabu restaurant in Tokyo with long history since 1895.Both sukiyaki and shabu-shabu consist of thinly sliced meat and vegetables and served with dipping sauces. Sukiyaki uses soy sauce and sugar in soup and dip meal in a small bowl of raw, beaten eggs. Shabu-shabu features boil in water and less sweet than sukiyaki.

A bit expensive but authentic Sukiyaki must offer you fantastic experience. There are lots of branches in Tokyo but in terms of atmosphere, I definitely recommend to go the main branch at Ningyocho, it’s totally different.

■ Location:Ningyocho (Hibiya Line or Asakusa Line)
■ Lunch: Steak set menu starting at 2,160JPY, Sukiyaki/Shabushabu starting at 4,500JPY, Dinner Sukiyaki/Shabushabu starting at 5,500JPY
■ You might want to make a reservation
Official website


   Ginnoto with long history


Gin no to (銀之塔,Tower of silver) located near the Kabukiza Theater in Ginza is stew specialty restaurant who have perpetuated their old-fasioned flavors over half a century since 1955.Highlights are the amazing demiglace sauce which boiled slowly over three days.

Dissolves vegetables make the flavor of soup deep and rich.

Stew (mixture) with 3 small bowls and rice, 2500JPY

■Location: Ginza
■Hours: 11:30~21:00(L.O. 20:30)
Official website (Japanese)

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