Japanese sweets

Crepe at Harajuku


Gorgeous topping like fruit, ice cream, cookie and cake are put on Japanese crepe ! Harajuku Takeshita Street is a mecca of crepe. Some shops treats as many as 150 kinds’ crepes !

■ Location: Harajuku (Takeshita street)



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Kagetsudo (花月堂) is located near Sensoji. Although it is very famous for Melonpan bread, plenty kids of soft cream (JPY300) is surprise ! Fruit flavor like strawberry, mango,melon, and chocolate flavor, and Japanese flavor like green tea, purple sweet patato.Total 18 kinds.

■ Location: Asakusa
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Kyo Hayashiya

Green tea sweets 

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Kyo Hayashiya(京はやしや) is popular Maccha sweets cafe produced by Hayashiya established in 1753 offers sweets with the concept of ” eating tea”. By eating tea leaf itself, people can ingest plenty nutrition contained in tea leaf entirely. Maccha Parfait,softcream and jelly etc.

■Location: Ikebukuro (Seibu Ikebukuro), Sinjuku EST
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Rice Crackers “MINATOYA”


Monzen Nakacho is town of Tomioka Shrine which is famous for the summer festival and Fukagawa Fudoson.It is crowded with many visitors to shrine in weekend. In this Monzen Nakacho, there is a popular Japanese rice crackers store named “Minatoya” who has history over 70 years and often appear in Japanese TV and magazines. The reason of their popularity seems their effort to produce “only one” sweets and their hospitality to prepare order in short period and longer best-by date. A little sweet for distribution in occasion of wedding or celebration is popular for it’s originality. Japanese sweets attract overseas traveller’s attention as low-fat and healthy food.You can get them in happy price starting from 1 buck.How about for your souvenir to distribute ?

■Location :Monzen Nakacho
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New style dessert using red bean   Omotesando Hills shop

Source: omotesandohills.com, toraya-group.co.jp

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TORAYA CAFÉ (とらやCAFE)is produced by old Japanese sweets shop TORAYA established five hundred years ago. They offer new style of bean paste beyond the definition of Japanese and Western.

■ Locations: Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills




Source hikarie.jp

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Zen-kashoin(然花抄院) is located in new landmark of Shibuya” Hikarie”which opened in 2012. They serve tasty Japanese sweets like Maccha green tea sweet and roasted green tea icecream etc. and you can enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto.There is gallely next to the cafe.

■ Location: Shibuya Hikarie
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