Izakaya (Japanese style pub)


Izakaya, Japanese style pub is one of Japanese culture. There is no other country where have a lot of bars like Japan. Izakayas are often likened to taverns or pubs, but the feature of Japanese izakaya is you can enjoy drink as well as tasty food at the same time.Also,unique “Nomi-hōdai” (all you can drink) system is popular which is a set price per person and you can continue ordering as much drink as they wish, with a usual time limit of two or three hours. Why don’t you finding your favorite Izakaya?

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   Hand-made soba

Source: tabelog.com

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Gonpachi(権八) is Izakaya where Tarantino director refered for a set in a movie Kill Bill and also well known that former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Junichirou took former president George W.Bush as Omotenashi.

You can dine hand-made Soba, spit-roased meat grilled by good charcoal with wild collection of Sake.

■Location: Nishiazabu
■Lunch ave.1,000~2,000JPY,Dinner ave.5,000~6,000JPY
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Isomaru suisan

Grill of shellfish. Ready to eat ?     Ueno shop

Source hotpepper.com

Isomaru suisan(磯丸水産) is izakaya of freshly seafood with the energetic atmosphere of restaurant like you are in a beach. Covenient 24 hours business hours ! Grilled shell is very popular.They also serve various menus of set meal and bowl meal for lunch.
■ Location: Shinjuku(Kabukicho),Ueno,Ikebukuro etc.
■ Lunch/Dinner ave. 2,000~3,000JPY

Hananomai Ryogokukokugikan

Sumo themed Izakaya in Ryogoku   Fresh fish

Source: gnavi.co.jp

Hananomai Ryogoku kokugikan(花の舞 両国国技館) is fresh seafood Izakaya.Surprisingly, there is a real sumo ring in the center. Meal of sumo wrestlers, “CHANKO hotchpotch” in all you can drink course starting at 3,000JPY.

■ Location: Ryogoku
■ Hours Mon-Fri, 11:30~24:00,Sat 11:00~24:00 Sun,holiday 11:00~23:00
■ Dinner ave. 5,000~6,000JPY

Yonpachi Gyojyo

Very fresh fishes directly sent from fish market within that day  


Fishes are very fresh because they are caught in the morning of that day and directly sent to Yonpachi Gojyo(四十八漁場).It’s unique company which employee go on fishing by themselves.Authentic food beyond definition of Izakaya.They have wild collection of sake matching fish well.

■ Location: Akihabara, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya etc.
■ Dinner ave.5,000~6,000JPY

Nanairo Temariuta

Factastic space created by designer   Temari, handball shape sushi

Source: gnavi.co.jp

Nanairo temariuta(七色てまりうた) is unique izakaya with a room of traditional Japanese handball, private room of Heian Era and sitting seat with the image of Edo old town. Handball shape sushi is pretty. There are wild menu of plum wine.

■ Location: Shinjuku
■ Dinner ave.3,000~4,000JPY

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