Hello Kitty, Rirrakuma

Hello Kitty loved all over the world was chosen as top 15 of “The most influential fictional character in 2014” in American TIME magazine.

Lovely Kitty captures many worldwide celebrity like Mariah Carry, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton,Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears.
Lady Gaga x kitty   Hilton x kitty

Source :dailymail.co.uk      Source: world-celeb.jugem.jp

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Adorable character in Japan is not only Kitty. Too pretty RIRAKKUMA bear should make you feel relax.
Lovely Rirakkuma

Source: san-x.co.jp



KIDDY LAND Harajuku is a department of Japanese character. In five floors, they offer various goods with new trend, Disney Kawaii goods for women, “TOY’S Wonderland” with figure doll and plastic model, Rirakkuma shop and Hello Kitty shop. You can also find the limited items at
Harajuku shop.

■ Location: Harajuku


Collaboration with Skytree

At Solamachi shopping moll at base of Skytree, you can find wild collection of original goods and souvenir snack.

Hello Kitty x Skytree

Kitty x Skytree souvenior   Solamachi (Asakusa)

Rirakkuma x Skytree

RirakkumaxSkytree   Stuffed toy of Rirakkuma

Source: tokyo-solamachi.jp

■ Location: Oshiage (Solamachi)

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