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At Duty Free shop LAOX Ginza located in the center of Ginza where many people collect all the time, you can find the largest store of Nambu ironware in Japan. LAOX Ginza handle watch, electronics and home appliances for overseas, cosmetics, food stuff and Japanese souvenir etc. for international tourists. They provide multilingual specialists for customers to support not only inquiries about the store and products but any sight-seeing spots or popular areas in Ginza or Tokyo.

Ginza LAOX

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Nambu ironware(南部鉄器, NANBU TEKKI) is getting attention also from non-Japanese for its effect. Nanmu ironware is Japanese traditional craft having 400-year history in Iwate area.

Iron begins to melt in poured water, and it provides people effect on replenishing iron. It’s said that they also have the effect on anemia prevention and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease dementia by keeping drinking water of Nambu ironware.

Iron material is a little heavy, but it’s difficult to break. Casts surface with the peculiar feel of a material and texture are making the warmth and beauty.


2nd floor

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