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Message Carp Streamers Flying in Kesennuma


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.

We Japanese celebrate May 5 as “Children’s day”.”Colorful carp streamers” or “helmet” are generally displayed to celebrate this”Children’s day”hoping that children will grow up with courage and wisdom. In this season in Japan, carp streamers are flying in the wind in the blue sky.



Today I would like to introduce the charity activity of “Message Koinobori” (Message of Carp Streamers ) in Kesennuma in Miyagi prefecture(宮城県気仙沼), one of the disaster area by the Great East Japan Earthquake in Tohoku region.


After the Great East Japan earthquake, some local graduate members of Kesennuma junior high school started to collect contributions aiming at cheering up Kesennuma with encouragement message on colorful carp streamers. Contributions are used to support the dream of local high school student.


Car streamers message


I met Ms.Masae Hatakeyama who is representative person of Message Carp Streamers at the event in Meguro the other day. She is very charming person with strong will to cheer up her hometown with her team.

Ms.Masae Hatakeyama


We wrote down message for Kesennuma people on plain cloth of carp streamer with some contributions.

Write down message



Carp streamers are collected from all parts of Japan as well as from abroad , and prepared by volunteer staff to put up.


Now 2016 Message Carp Streamers are flying !

Car Streamers Message 2016


Car Streamer Message 2016

Click here for the link of Message Koinobori instagram

I really hope messages are reached to them, and recovery of the town moves forwards.



On the other hand, a number of people in Kyushu are now suffering from Kumamoto Earthquake.

I am deeply shocked for other large natural disaster and offer my deepest condolences.

We all Japanese must think how to continue supporting the disaster areas over long period of time.