Summer purification rite on 30th June


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The rainy season has been started in Japan.
Rainy days will continue until the middle of July.



I often see non-Japanese people do not use umbrella in the little rain, but Japanese people tend to always use umbrella in the rain whatever heavy or little because we hate to be wet.It might be one of unique Japanese culture.



Japanese umbrella is highly evaluated from overseas for its quality and many variety of design, and people can easily obtain good umbrella in department store and specialty store.


Source: tokyo-noble.comshop


The time flies so quickly and only a half year left for this year.


In Japan, 30th June is the day for Summer purification rite.There are two purification day in Japan, June and December.The last day of the year “Omisoka(大晦日)” is well known for the great purification.The other is the last day of June.On this day,people purify sins and impurities for the passed half year, and pray for safety of the family and state of perfect health over the remaining half year. People go though big cogon grass ring at shrine or float a doll paper on the river.


If you find a big cogon grass ring at shrine at this season, please try to go through.It is also said to make people take a new lease of life.



The sweets that people eat for the summer purification is called ” Minaduki(水無月)” .It’s triangle-shaped kind of rice cake with the topping of Adzuki bean. Adzuki bean stands for the purification and triangle-shape is a image of ice which give people coolness. This sweet is the custom of Kyoto region.



Wishing you have a good remaining half of this year.

Rose Festival


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.

I have been to Jindai Botanical Gardens located near Kichijoji and Mitaka area.




The target is a field of Rose,

which is more than 400 kinds and 5,200 roses.

Rose Festival is took placed at the timing of this season.
















It was really amazing.

Have a nice day.