Summer holidays 2018


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.


Unusual weather happens globally. Heavy rain,flood, forest fire and smoke pollution….



Typhoon comes one after another here in Japan,too.

It may have tourists change their leasuire plan.


It’s bean a month since the last update, but I would like to share my summer holidays in Tokyo.


Ocean lighting Festival (Odaiba)


Paper Japanese lantern are lined up at the beach of Odiba. It was fantastic.




Virtual Bird Park (Futakotamagawa)


Enjoyed the digital art of forest and experienced to heat animal egg and hear the sound of baby,

and VR (Virtual Reality) activity which we fly with eagle eyes.





Summer Festival of Roppongihills (Roppongi)



From July 14th to August 26th, Summer Festival is tooked placed at Roppongihills

where is full of people.

There is beer and cafe area and snow cone (kakigori) collection.

Doraemon figure displayed as TV station of Doraemon, TV Asahi is located here.

It was also full of people who tried to buy Doraemon goods at TV Asahi store.

Anyway I got rainbow big snow cone and it gave me coolness a while.



Japanese Bon Festival



I cannot finish summer without traditional Japanese Bon festival !

I joined neighboring bon festival. Kids put on casual sammer kimono ,ukata.




Have a good summer holidays !