Monzen Nakacho- “MINATOYA” THANK YOU sweets


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.


I have been to Monzen Nakacho,

the  town of Tomioka Shrine which is famous for the summer festival and Fukagawa Fudoson.

It is crowded with many visitors to shrine in weekend.

There are various genre of restaurants and traditional store.



I dropped by Minatoya, who specialize in Japanese rice crackers.




They have been made Japanese old-fashioned sweets over 70 years,

and often appear in Japanese TV and magazines.





Hard round candy called “Kon-pei-to”



Sushi shaped candy



Cylindrical candy “Kintaro-ame”which is made so that face appears wherever it is sliced.




My target is little sweets with the letter of ありがとう(Thank you in Japanese) written on.

This unique little sweet is perfect to distribute. One package is about 5 dollars.

Very fancy and reasonable.




About the reason why Minatoya attracts many people ,

you can find at FEEL TOKYO Dining page.

Japanese sweets


Have a sweet day.


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