I have been to brand new GINZA SIX



Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.


I have been to GINZA SIX(G SIX), the brand new shopping & gourmet spot opend 20th April

in the central of Ginza where department store Matsuzakaya use to be.


4/20にオープンした話題のGINZA SIX (G SIX) に行ってきました!





First impression


There’s an atrium style ceiling just after the entrance,

and Pumpkins designed by Japense representarive artist Yayoi Kusama are waiting for us

It’s an opening display until February,2018.

Overwhelming presense.









While other traditional department stores in Ginza are old and space-limited,

this GSIX building provides a very spacious shopping zone at each floor.

Lightening is well desined. How comfortable.









High brand shops being concentrated if just like the image of Ginza, but scale is awesome.

Dior and CELINE are the largest class shop in the world.

Van Cleef & Arpels,VALENTINO,FENDI are the largest class store in Japan.





Van Cleef & Arpels、VALENTINO、FENDI は日本最大級です



Art book store


On 6th floor, there is TSUTAYA attached to Starbucks,

provides as many as 60,000 ART books.




Causy space which I do not believe this is bookstore.




Giant book display



Blight space with plenty of sunlight from the glass ceiling.




Japense sord display




Cosmetic floor




Food floor


Frozen fruit bar by PLATES

Look yummy.




I will share the attraction of GSIX through coming article.

When you are in GINZA, you cannot miss GINZA SIX.


Have a nice day.


Play Japanese tradtional music in Tokyo – “Koto” (Japanese harp)

Koto experience report


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.



Ms.K joined Koto,or Japanese tranditonal musical instrument experience class.



Change to Yukata (summer kimono) and have a try !





Put picks on three fingers and try to play “Sakura (cherry blossoms)” song.


Pick strings



” It’s very fun “



Her imperessions are


” The Koto sounds are so beautiful  ! ”


” Just picking strings makes the melody.

Even beginner can enjoy playing koto. ”







And walked to Shine in neighbor.






Koto & Kimono experience class by FEEL TOKYO takes place in a reasonable price

because we want more people to touch Koto freely. From traditional song to

modern arranged song, Koto songs have wide variation.

Why don’t you experiencing Japanese traditional Koto in Tokyo ?

Play Japanese tradtional music in Tokyo – “Koto” (Japanese harp)