Cat Festival in Shibuya Hikarie



Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.


I ‘ ve been to Hikarie in Shibuya for lunch with my friend.


When I arrived Hikarie, Cat Festival  was held because


22nd February was the day of Cat !  (I did not know that)


Meow Meow Meow sounds “Nya Nya Nya ” in Japanese

“Nya Nya Nya”  sounds  2 (“ni” in Japanese ),2(ni), 2(ni) => 2.22





Have a sticker pad in hand and collect cat stickers which are located here and there at each floors.

It is good idea for shops to collect cusomters by placing sticker.

I walk around over 4th floors and collect the half sticker.




Cat, Cat, Cat ……..





I got a cat stamp and a cat stuffed animal porch with silky touch.

Cat Festival in Hikarie is took placed until 28th February in 2018.

It ‘s really wonderful fes for cat lovers.




Thank you for reading to the end.

Have a good day.


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