Celebrate Children’s Day


Long Golden Week Holidays is over,


May 5th was Children’s Day or Boy’s Festival.


Toward this Chidren’s Day, swimming carp-shaped streamers

called “koi-no-bori” in the sky are seen throughout the town.

Families especially with boys raise this streamers outside the house,

wishing their healthy growth in the family.


Black carp is father,

red carp is mother,

and blue carp is child.






On that day, my family and relateives gathered to celebrated

children’s happiness and respected their personalities.




Children in front of Kabuto



Ornamental helmets called “Kabuto”, or samurai dolls are displayed at home,

because they are believed to be symbols of strength and vitality,






We had a pretty cake with small samurai doll and

traditional foods such as “kasiwa-mochi”, mochi rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves.






Children took a hot bath with a medical herb.




Taking a sweet-flag-bath on May 5th is a Japanese traditional custom,

being believed that evil spirits can be driven away.






By the way, on April 20th 2017, the new complex ” GINZA SIX” was opened.

It is the largest commecial complex including shops and restaurants in Ginza area.




There are sill too many people in line just to enter into the building.

I will try maybe next time again.


ところで4月20日に銀座にオープンしたGINZA SIX



Have a nice day.



Baby Blue Eyes



I have been to Hitachi Seaside Park.

The field of baby blue eyes were waiting for us. It’s the best time in this season.
















Amazing view.



It’s about 2 hours by train from Ueno station.

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Surrounded by Baby Blue Eye Flowers, Blue Sky and Ocean