Looking back to 2017


Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.

Only one day is left this year.


The Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society choses the kanji of the year (今年の漢字)

with represents the event ot that year through a national ballot in Japan.


The character with the most votes is announced at Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

Japanese character choses to represent the events of 2017 was the




北(kita) means ” North”. It mainly refrects the situation of North Korea..




According to the questionnaire held by Nigty news ,

Top 10  ranking news selected is as below.


No.1 Kim Jong-Nam killed at Malaysia Airport

No.2 Mao Kobayashi passed away

No.3 North Korea Missile Test

No.4 Moritomo Galuen’s scandle of constructing elementary school

No.5 Kake Gakuen’s scandle of newly eatablishing new veterinary department

No.6 9 bodies found at apartment in Zama city

No.7 Scandle of Japanese manufacture like Kobe Steel,Nissan

No.8 Sota Fujii win streak of 29 games of shogi (Japanese chess)

No.9 Park Geun-hye former Korean President arrested

No.10 Namie Amuro announce to retire



Looking back to 2017,  there were many horrified and sad news and scandles.

But still we also had blight news.





14-year-old boy Sota Fujii had a big impact to the world of Japanese chess (shogi) this year.

His fan got wildly excited at his win and shogi were sold like hot cake.

Shogi was reconsidered as tool to create the power ot logial thinking and concentration.


I also follow the trend to buy shogi.








Diva Namie Amuro’s announcement to retire as of September 2018 also had a big impact.

It makes me feel the end of one era in Japanese music as I was grown up with her music.

Many people pay attention to her last performance on TV music program kohaku

on New Year’s Eve.









What kind to 2017 was it for you ?

May wish you a Happy New Year !!








Play Japanese tradtional music in Tokyo – “Koto” (Japanese harp)

Hibiya Christmas Market 2017



Hello, I am owner of FEEL TOKYO.

Christmas is coming.


Germany traditional fesitval “Chirstmas market”.

We can experience here in Tokyo at Hibiya Park at the season of this year recently.






I have arrived to the entrance gate.




Santa clause and angel welcomed us.





The venue is croweded with Germany foods store like sausage,hot wine and stollen.

We can also find lovely ornament and snow domes at gadget shop.






Original magcup


Ornament from Germany




At the center of venue, the symbol Chirstmas piramid appears.

It is 14 meter high !







Bearutiful in the dark.






Wish you a Merry Christmas.


Play Japanese tradtional music in Tokyo – “Koto” (Japanese harp)


Photo – Autumn leaves in Hiroo
























Place: Arisugawa Kinen Park (Hiroo)



Play Japanese tradtional music in Tokyo – “Koto” (Japanese harp)

Photo- Komazawa Olympik Park
















Location: Komazawa Olympik Park






Play Japanese tradtional music in Tokyo – “Koto” (Japanese harp)