Preparation for Shichigosan (the celebration of child growth)


Shichi-go-san officially celebrated on November 15th is a traditional event to celebrate the healthy growth of children as they turn three,five and seven years of age. For the Japanese tradition of Shichi-go-san, girls aged three and seven, and boys aged three and five dress in kimonos to visit shrine.



Ready for Shichigosan.





The central little box is called ” Hakoseko “.

In Edo era, samurai’s wives carry mirror,perfume and paper in it.

Nowadays bride at Japanese style wedding and girl for Shichigosan put it at chest.









The symbol of good omen crane are drawn for fan.







White gold Japanese sandles and bag for Kimono.




The beautiful traditional Yuzen pattern is embroiderd.






These ornamental hairpins (Kanzashi) are craft of Tsumami.

Tsumami is a traditional technique to make petals, flowers, cranes, and etc.

for Kanzashi  to go with kimono and itself has long history about 200 years.







Chopsticks for the celeblation is also prepared for home party.






I am looking forward for the celabation.



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